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See what clients are saying about Malvern Massage & Bodywork

Having a treatment at Massage & Bodywork with Simon, it isn't just a massage; your body, mind and spirit are treated as one. I lie down, close my eyes and seem to float. My worries drift away as if my messages of stress and aching body are telepathically received and calmed. I strongly recommend you try it.

Jeanne of Malvern

“Softening, release, bliss! “

Sophie Malvern

Massage with Simon helps me explore how and where I’m holding tension in my body. I appreciate his sensitive approach and how his body work is suffused with compassionate awareness. I find physical and emotional release, and a deeper connection to my felt experience. I would recommend Simon to anyone needing a safe space to fully unwind and more fully inhabit their body.
S Malvern

I have found Simon to be very kind and professional. He has helped me to become more mobile and reduced my pain. Highly recommended 

J Ledbury

Never having had a massage before, I was initially cautious about accepting my first ever massage.  This was offered to me via my NHS MS nurse so I had faith that it would be legitimate. 

What a surprise; I’m so glad that I took this opportunity! I was totally blown away and consequently have been receiving massage every week since then.  And it just gets better and better for me as I am learning to relax more easily and let go of my concerns.  I walk away floating on air and would recommend everyone to try it, at least once.  It may not be for you but you may end up being a regular like me.

Alison Worcester

During two challenging times in my life, I had a series of massages from Simon; the first was during a long period of anxiety and the second time when I was under a great deal of stress. On both occasions, through the combination of Simon's knowledge and intuitiveness, he brought great relief to my state of being at that time. When anxious, I experienced a continuous knot in my abdomen, and Simon was able to bring such relief to that area by releasing this intense feeling through his touch. 

Simon would empathically listen and be guided by my experience at the start of a session, and from that moment, I felt that I was being safely held for the duration of the treatment enabling me to just let go.

In my experience, Simon makes a genuine connection with his patients through his loving kindness, restoring balance and a sense of calm to mind and body. I really cannot thank him enough for supporting me through some difficult times. 

Victoria Malvern

Simon has a vey natural healing ability in the work he does. His intuition to heal your troubles with your physical body is remarkable and instinctive. Also giving you long term solutions for taking responsibility for the course of the problem to assist you in helping your self. Keep up the great work.

R H Malvern

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